2021…here we come

Hello Kittens! I hope you all had a lovely holiday, however you celebrated. In particular, if you were an essential worker who wasn’t able to take time off for the holidays, I would like to thank you for the service that you are providing to us all. I wish it weren’t necessary, but I’m grateful nonetheless. As the year winds down, I am looking to the future and starting fresh next year. I do not know what 2021 is going to hold for us, but I feel certain it will place a few good books in our path if nothing else. I wanted to share a few of my reading goals for next year with all of you. Do you set reading goals for yourself? I set goals but I don’t put in any punishments in the event that I do not reach those goals. I always want reading to remain a calming activity, a respite from anything else that may be going on in the world. I hope 2020 hasn’t been too horrible for you and that 2021 is kinder to us all.

2021 Reading Goals:

-Read 6-8 books per month

-Get my NetGalley feedback ratio to 70% (it’s currently at 49%)

-Maintain a reading journal independent of any other journal that I keep (right now I keep it in the same journal as everything else, and I find that it sometimes makes me hesitate to jot down my thoughts)

-Read more of my physical TBR. I’ll be working on getting a list together of my owned-TBR this weekend to help me keep some stats on this goal.

-Physical book buying ban (except for Book of the Month). Ebooks are allowed. The goal here is just to trim down my bookshelves a little bit and stop investing so much money in books that I haven’t read.

-Read 50% of my Book of the Month books. For some reason, my Book of the Month selections rarely get prioritized. As a result, I have an entire shelf of BOTM titles that I have not touched. If I can’t reach this goal by the end of the year then I will likely be suspending my subscription from them. While the service itself is a great low-cost subscription option, it doesn’t do me any good if I don’t actually read the books that I select.

-Read more graphic novels. I really enjoy consuming stories in this format and I’d like to continue my foray into all that the graphic novel and manga worlds have to offer.

-Goodreads goal: 125. While I have surpassed that goal this year, it’s more than I have achieved on any previous year where I tracked my reading habits. I don’t anticipate that I will get to have 2 months off work with not much else to do but read in 2021, so I think this goal will be a little bit of a stretch. However, with my goal of reading more graphic novels and my new-found fondness for audiobooks, I still feel this goal is attainable.

-Participate in more virtual reading groups. I am a member of several online reading groups, but I find that I will read the book and then not participate in the discussions. This year, I want to get more involved with other readers online.

Some less realistic, but still fun goals for 2021:

-Start reading a few of Brandon Sanderson’s series

-Read every TOR release from 2020. They are my favorite publisher and I want to see what intentionally reading one publisher’s entire catalog is like.

-Read all the works of V.E. Schwab

-Renewed focus on the Librarians in Books project

-1 middle grade each month

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