2/15-2/21 Week in Reading

Hello Readers!

Goals for the week: Read and review The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor and The Future is Yours by Dan Frey.

Mon 2/15: I finished The Burning Girls this evening. I can’t say that I was really hooked until about 60% of the way through, but then it just barreled on to the ending, which was really good.

Tue 2/16: I got to the 16% mark in The Future is Yours today. It’s a sci-fi revolving around time travel…sort of. It takes a modern spin on it and is told primarily through texts, emails, and Congressional hearing notes. I’m really liking it so far and it’s a quick read.

Wed 2/17: I finished The Future is Yours. It was such a quick read even though Goodreads has it as 352 pages. I really liked where the story went and how it dealt with the ethical questions of time travel. I think some people will be unhappy with the ending, but I liked it. I’ll definitely read more from this author if he writes anything in the future.

Minor spoiler: I like books that are thought experiments, as so many sci-fi novels are.

Thu 2/18: I didn’t do any reading today.

Fri 2/19: I started The Ravens by Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige. I only read about a chapter before I fell asleep, so no thoughts for now.

Sat 2/20: No reading today. Just a lazy Saturday.

Sun 2/21: I got to around page 300 in The Ravens today. I really wanted to finish it but I just couldn’t get it done today. It’s a really interesting story about a coven at a college in Savannah that is using a sorority as its cover. I love pretty much anything to do with witchcraft and this one has been a winner so far.

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